Body Smoothing Treatment

About Your Treatment


Body Smoothing Treatment $75

This treatment will naturally transform your body from dry and scaled to soft and smooth. We take care to only use silky, emollient products that are paraben free, cruelty free, and scented soley by the fragrance of your choice. You’ll enjoy the feel of your new skin being revealed and hydrated. Then simply relax while your body is warmed and a heavenly massage is done on your scalp and face. 

 A skin polish is done with tools  soley focused on removing layers of dull skin to allow your glow to shine through.  

A scent to boost your mood


We know that scent can change the way you feel. We will offer you a choice of scents for your treatment to help take your mind to where YOU want it to go. Your selection will be added to a rich, moisturizing cream to further enrich your body hydration. 

You choose the one that will serve you best.  You’re in full control.

The warmth may further enhance you


Feeling cozy never goes out of style so we incorporated it into your body soothing treatment to help. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. improved blood circulation & lymphatic drainage
  2. promotes the release & elimination of toxins
  3. boosts immunity and the lymphatic function
  4. relieves tension in connective tissues;
  5. reduces muscular tension which will help muscles to relax and repair more efficiently