Elegant EyeLashes

Traditional Eyelash Extensions $125



Have  your eyelashes thinned? Want to look fresh everyday? 

 Be ready for whatever comes your way with a set of eyelashes fitted truly just for you. We customize everything from thickness, length, style, and color while still using adhesive with no formaldehyde, low odor, color-free, and latex-free. We create stunning eyelashes that do not look overdone or heavy.  We induce sophistication with each eyelash application so nothing can stop you from getting the most out of your look.

Traditional Eyelash Extension Fill $59


Every 2-2 1/2 weeks your eyelashes are inspected and returned to the beautiful look that brings out your youthful beauty.

Party Eyelashes $25


Eyelashes for your event and beyond.

These  cluster eyelashes are wonderful and last up to 7 days.  Be glamorous  without long-term commitment.  

Booking an EyeLash service is really easy.  Just click on the "schedule Now" button below.  If you don't see the service you're looking for, it means an "Eye Transformation Consultation" is needed. So go ahead and schedule that first. See you soon.

More EyeLashes

EyeLash Taming $65


Do you have wonderful eyelashes but they don’t grow in the direction you want? 

Do you want your natural eyelashes to lift and curl beautifully?  We suggest “Taming” your eyelashes. 

 After this process, you will have perfect eyelashes for up to 6 weeks.

EyeLash Stain add-on $25


Do you wear mascara constantly because of your light colored eyelashes?  Maybe you just want your natural eyelashes to make more of a statement. Add this after your “taming”.   Our henna staining formula will gently give you the color you need to make a grand impression,

Eyelash Extension Removal $25


Need a new set of eyelashes?   

Proper removal of your extensions could mean the difference  between keeping beautiful, healthy  eyelashes or loosing them to breakage and fallout. We are ready to clean and remove all your extensions to help keep your eyelashes  strong and growing for years to come.