Eyebrow Beauty

Custom Textured EyeBrows $125



Want voluptuous eyebrows everyday?  Have  your eyebrows  thinned?  

Eyebrow extensions add definition, volume, and  a more defined arch. It’s also great for people who want something different, but want a short commitment. 

 These last up to 2 weeks and sometimes longer.  

Custom Textured  EyeBrows are best for people with some existing eyebrow hair to build upon.  If you have completly lost your eyebrows,  you may want to 

consider semi-permanant  eyebrows or eyebrow staining. 

Custom Textured EyeBrow Fill $59


Every 2-2 1/2 weeks your eyebrows are inspected and returned to the beautiful,  realistic look  that only texture can give .

EyeBrow Shaping $15


This  will  define and shape your natural eyebrows.

Our process may include measuring,  trimming,  chamamile hair removal,  and  all natural eyebrow filler.  All so you get a look that flatters you.

Booking an EyeBrow service is really easy.  Just click on the "schedule Now" button below.  If you don't see the service you're looking for, it means an "Eye Transformation Consultation" is needed. So go ahead and schedule that first. See you soon.

More EyeBrows

EyeBrow Taming $65


Do you have eyebrows that are out of control? 

Do you want your natural eyebrows to stay where you put them without having to hold them 

down with mystery gook?   Try “Taming” your eyebrows.   Lasting up to 6 weeks, 

these results will make everyone look twice.


EyeBrow Stain $25


Do you add color to your eyebrows  because they’re so light, you can barley see them?  Your natural eyebrows can “pop” with the right help. Add this service after your eyebrow “taming” or as  a stand-alone .  Our henna stain formula is gentle and maintenance free.

EyeBrow Extension Removal $25


Need a new set of  eyebrows?   

Proper removal of your extensions could mean the difference  between keeping beautiful, healthy  eyebrows or loosing them to breakage and fallout. We are ready to clean and remove all your extensions to once  again reveal  your natural  eyebrows.    This  will  help keep your eyebrows strong and 

growing for years to come.